8 Low-calorie Food Items Which are Beneficial in Reducing Weight

Here is the list of some foods and drinks containing the lowest amount of calories that one should incorporate into their fitness routine, in order to lose weight.

Nowadays, people spend too much time and money on losing weight. They join gym and adopt a fitness regime to reduce their weight but what you eat is also very important for weight loss. As people have started working from home after the outbreak of COVID-19, chances of gaining weight has increased further. So, it becomes more important to pay attention to what you eat. Here is the list of some foods and drinks containing the lowest amount of calories.

Asparagus: It is a flowering vegetable and is found in green, white and purple varieties. One cup of asparagus contains 27 calories. It is rich in Vitamin K and folate and has anthocyanins that may help prevent heart disease.

Broth: Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can consume broth as it is available in various varieties, including meat and vegetables. Calories amount depends on type of broth. The range usually varies from seven to 12 calories, if you are taking one cup of broth.

Cabbage: A vegetable that comes with green or purple leaves, cabbage is low in calories. It can be cooked in meals or used in salads.

Green tea: It is rich in antioxidants and helps boost immunity. Due to the presence of antioxidants, green tea helps burn fat and improves metabolism.

Water: It is an essential part of the diet for those who want to reduce weight. Water not only keeps one hydrated but also helps keep body fluid in balance. It satiates food cravings for a longer period of time too.

Ginger and garlic: Both of these have many health benefits. They help decrease cholesterol level in the body and treat inflammation and some chronic diseases.

Celery: This vegetable contains insoluble fibre which may pass through the body without being digested, thus reducing the possibility of contributing no calories. One cup of chopped celery contains 18 calories.

Citrus fruits: They are rich in Vitamin C and extremely low in calories. They improve digestion and also help satiate hunger for a longer period of time. Citrus fruits can be eaten or consumed in the form of juice.