Planning a Wedding? 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Prep Little Easier

Here’re some do’s and don’ts for all couples to keep in mind to ensure that no matter what, love is not cancelled or postponed.

Are you getting worried just thinking about how you’ll manage to put together a wedding in the next few months, keeping in mind the pandemic, and all the health and safety guidelines? But, wait, don’t start worrying just yet!

With the world coming to a near standstill, a lot of couples are now faced with the question of mostly postponing and, in the worst-case scenario, cancel their weddings. These are challenging times, not just for to-be-weds and their families but also for all wedding venues & vendor partners who help couples realise their dream. But, in the midst of this uncertainty, the definite choice is to keep calm (be positive) and carry on with your planning. Channelise all that gusto into making your wedding dreams, a reality!

For those who are still wary of celebrating your memorable day during the pandemic, WeddingWire India has come up with some do’s and don’ts for all couples to keep in mind to ensure that no matter what, love is not cancelled or postponed.

Make the Most of Technology – Digital is the Future

The pandemic has definitely altered our way of life, however with digitisation, tasks as complex as wedding planning can be done from the comfort of your homes! This wedding season, use wedding technology platforms to your advantage! During times where social distancing is the norm, couples have now found newer ways to commemorate their love for one another by sharing it with others through live streaming and video calls (29%). Through this, though many are far apart, they still are able to witness this precious moment in your life.

Safety is of Utmost Priority

No one wants to create an unsafe setting for their near and dear ones. With the restriction on the number of guests in attendance at gatherings, couples are looking to follow through with a list of protocols on their special day. From our Global COVID-19 Wedding Report, we found that 75% of Indian couples will be conducting temperature checks for attendees and a follow up check with them, a week after the event to check for symptoms (47%). Guests will also be provided with hand sanitisers (91%), face masks (79%); and members of the staff and vendors such as photographers, makeup artists, etc., will be required to wear masks or PPE kits (84%). These measures are key, as they help make sure that everyone is hale and hearty. Even the welcome kits will be seeing inclusion of sanitizers, masks etc, to ensure everyone is well taken care of.

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

If you don’t already have a wedding planner by your side, you should really consider hiring one to help you take the load off your shoulders. An expert will handle all details, especially with permissions and permits that may be required to host an event during the pandemic. Your wedding is your day, and it is for you to enjoy more than anyone. A wedding planner steps in and does everything in their power to help you create the day (or days) you envisioned.

Keep it Small, Keep it Simple

An Indian wedding is not complete if the guest list doesn’t include over 300-500 people. Now, with health and safety protocols and government restrictions, couples have to be very selective of who they want to invite for their special day(s). This gives to-be-weds an opportunity to plan smaller weddings at one that holds significance to them as a couple. You can also host socially distant gatherings of friends and family or intimate mini-ceremonies with immediate family on their original wedding date, followed by a larger event when the pandemic subsides. There’s a lot of room to improvise!

Connect with Other Brides and Grooms

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. At this point you would want to do some research and talk to someone who has gone through something similar, not so long ago. Talking to other to-be-weds that you’s realise you are not alone easing pressure off you and your significant other. Furthermore, this will give you more ideas on how you can make your celebration one that you will not forget, despite the current pandemic!

Do NOT Panic

We cannot stress this enough. Stressing about the process of preparation may lead you to cancel or give up on a lot of pre-planned decisions. But hey, look on the brightside – it helps you innovate and look at new ways to make your wedding eventful. Whether it means streaming your wedding or going ahead with a now-classic minimony, you will certainly look back on this day as one that brought you immense happiness, joy and definitely wonder (you pulled a COVID wedding after all)! Don’t worry, you got this.

Not Ensuring Your Guest’s Safety

At this point, safety of every individual in attendance is essential. Temperature checks, use of sanitisers and masks along with social distancing must be maintained at all times and must not be taken casually.

Don’t Leave Things for the Last Minute

A wedding checklist is a must to ensure that all elements are taken into consideration before your big day. Be it with finalising a venue, booking vendors or calling for a DJ – no decision must be left for the final leg of wedding preparations.

Don’t Try to Do Everything on Your Own

We’ve all heard that we should try our best to do things on our own. But when it calls for managing guest lists, catering, clothes accessories – and the list goes on – you need to take a moment and look around for support. Be open to sharing responsibilities with your significant other, hire a wedding planner if need be, or even reach out to your family. You have all the support, but be sure to ask for it.

No Matter What, Don’t be Disappointed

Be proud of what you have achieved in such little time, and with the resources available to you. There were a lot that you had to sacrifice – from the wedding venue, to your guest list, entertainment for the evening and the long awaited haldi and mehendi ceremony. There’s a lot that went into the creation of your day, be sure to take a beat and appreciate yourself.

What makes a wedding memorable is not that wide spread of food or the largest dance floor – it’s about having the opportunity to celebrate YOUR day with your family, close friends and your significant other.